Get Ready

There are a few steps involved in setup, Let’s run through them and get the game ready.

Give each player a Reference Card.

Each player then receives 5 Security Gates and 5 Destroyed Gate cards.

You and your opponent then lay out the Destroyed Gate cards in a row in front of you with enough space in-between for the Justice Department Cards.

Then place one of your Security Gate cards on top of each of the Destroyed Gate cards, CLOSED side up with the CLOSED facing the street.

Shuffle The Justice Department Deck

Proper shuffling of the Justice Department deck is key to a fair game. When shuffling you are randomizing the orientation (tops and bottoms) of the cards as well as the cards themselves. To achieve this, break the deck into two piles (as usual for shuffling)

When you have sufficiently shuffled the Justice Department, place the deck to the Left of the first player.

When dealing out the street, be careful to keep the cards the same orientation that they are in the deck . The orientation determines which direction the unit will be focused on.

NOTE: The easiest way to deal the JD deck is to grab the card by the short edge closest to you and flip the card on the long edge.

If, on the initial deal there are more than 3 cards facing one player, that player must rotate any excess of 3 to their opponent. The game should start with 3 cards facing one player and 2 facing the other.


The person who most recently saw Dredd (2012)
goes first.


The person who most recently saw Judge Dredd (1997) goes last.


Shuffle the Perp deck as you would normally shuffle a deck of cards. Deal 5 cards to each player and place the deck within reach of both players.


Based on what is in your hand and the cards dealt to The Street, both players MUST open two (2) security gates by FLIPPING the Security Gate to its OPEN side. With the Justice Department in the street and your starting hand ready, take note of the direction the different JD cards are facing as an unprotected Gate is automatically destroyed by any attack.