Game play question and Rulebook Errata

Updated 11/27/2018 @ 9am


  • Anytime a gate is destroyed, the units occupying it are destroyed as well.


  • Your units cannot attack through “Closed” gates.


  • You may have only 1 unit per gate. You may Reinforce/Backup that unit as much as you want.

Judge Dredd - Determine Strongest Gate

Strength is always determined by the units Attack Value

Justice Department - Action Cards

When an action card is drawn from the JD deck, use its effect (if applicable) then discard. IMMEDIATELY draw another card for that same slot.

There should never be an empty space in The Street, except after combat.

Perps - Movement

  • You may move your Perps any number of spaces, left or right, at 1AP per space.


  • Perps may move THROUGH Destroyed Gates but never end movement at a Destroyed Gate.


Riot Foam

  • On your turn, play Riot Foam on an opponents OPEN GATE. This gate cannot be open or closed anymore.


  • To remove Riot Foam the affected player must spend 3AP to remove it and discard the card.


  • A foamed gate counts as destroyed and if the player has 4 destroyed gates and 1 foamed gate, the game ends.


  • A player may not attack through a gate with Riot Foam on it.

Rule book Errata

Page 13 – The gate under the BLOCK MOB is showing “Closed”. It should be “Open” – Thank You Doug Levandowski


Page 11 – The “DEFENSE/ATTACK” at the top of the page should read “ATTACK/DEFENSE”

Stumm Gas

Stumm Gas can only be played on an OPEN GATE

Basic Combat

  • Units only make 1 attack per round. Unless the card specifies otherwise.

Card Sleeves

  • The cards are standard poker size, and you’ll need 96 of them. I prefer Mayday sleeves, but that’s just me.



  • When sleeving the Justice Department deck we suggest giving it a few twist shuffles, as described in the rulebook, and sleeving them face down. That way you are shuffling the orientation of the cards in the sleeves themselves. (In case you are worried about someone being able to see which way the cards are facing when they are drawn).

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