Out in the wild you have to be quick on the draw or you don’t last long. Its okay to be on the wrong side of a bullet, as long as you have armor plating between you and the bullet. The cool breeze is a great introductory car and comes with  driver side armor plating, standard, as well as driver side Crazy 8™ Machine gun for the best targeting experience.

Come in to any Crazy Herbs and test drive one today on our closed target range. Free coffee in our luncheonette and 100 rounds with any test drive.

Also included in the base price is a Full spare tire and an extra external gas tank for those long hauls.


Maker: Crazy Herb

Fuel: Diesel

Transmission: Auto

Primary Weapon: .375 Crazy 8 Machine Gun

Engine Output: 550 Horses

Armor Plating: Reinforced Steel

Tires: Michigan Ultra-Flow x5

Fuel Capacity: 36Gallons/40 Gallon Res.

MPG: 7


Driver-Side Reloads

Air Conditioning

Bucket Seats


Armored/Leather Dash

5,000 Round Warranty

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