By Banana Chan & Lucian Lucian Kahn

You will play as a character who has received a horrible email containing a “very serious” and very deadly curse! The only way you can break the curse is by forwarding the email to some number of people between 2 and a zillion. This is a creative writing game with light storytelling elements, where players will be spreading curses through email and postcards. It draws inspiration from actual chain emails and surrealist games such as Exquisite Corpse.

Like real chain letters, this game spreads exponentially. Your real-life reward/punishment for sending the email chain forward will be receiving a gazillion BCCs of your cursed email as its contents change and grow over time. (If you ever get sick of receiving these curses, just block its weird subject line in your email settings!)

If you choose to participate in the postcard section of the game, you will probably also receive between 1 and infinity postcards of Halloweeny drawings in the physical mail addressed to your character…eventually.

The tone of this game is silly, despite the mention of curses.

Players: Between 3 and infinity, but you don’t all play at the same time

Time: About 30 minutes to an hour, then 15-30 minutes a month later

Content warnings: Curses, demons, spooky stuff, dying from a cursed email

Included files: The full game instructions are in This-Email-Is-Cursed.pdf. To make it easier for you to copy/paste the cursed email template into your browser or email app, we have also included a plaintext version in CursedEmailTemplateCopyPaste.txt.

Happy cursing!!!